Marble floor Will Create a Stunning Visual Effect

marble floorSatisfy Your Lust For Marble!
You have lusted after a marble floor for years. Marble's visual effect is so beautiful and you can see it in the front hall of your home – making a statement of beauty and originality. And now you're about to make your dream a reality. But what kind of marble should you choose?
The first thing you should know is that no stone floors are alike. Stone is an original gift from nature; tiles can be mass produced into similar patterns and colours but if you want the real thing, you'll have to sacrifice uniformity. And for most marble buyers, that's exactly the point. They want a unique stone, with a shifting pattern of striations and colours. And there are a lot of choices in that department – marble is quarried all over the world, with a rainbow of options.
You need to also think about where you are installing it. If it's for a bathroom, there may be issues of slipperiness if the floor gets wet. You will want the surface roughened a bit. In a kitchen, the same principles may be in play and, if your usual entrance to that room is from the outdoors, you'll want to ensure that dirt and grit is not tracked on to the marble, as it could dull or scratch its finish. A well placed rug or mat is a simple way to solve that.
But a front hallway is probably a lower traffic area. So it's full steam ahead…
Who to buy From…
Think about it. If you are buying an expensive cut of meat, wouldn't you rather go to a local, trusted butcher and ask his opinion? Professionals enjoy sharing their expertise, and dealers in marble are no exception. Find one for whom marble is a vocation – perhaps a smaller family firm one that has been around for a while and clearly is in the business of satisfying customers. Get their opinion on the cut and quality of the marble. You are making a lifetime investment that is going to enhance the beauty of your entranceway, and increase the resale value of your home.
Does the retailer do installation? When you are negotiating price, what add-ons are there? There could be extra charges for furniture removal, demolition and removal of the old floor, preparation of a sub-floor, even for production and delivery. How much will the actual physical installation cost? Make sure you are factoring in all of this! And, finally, make sure you've been educated on the proper care and maintenance of your floor. Marble needs protection; it can stain or etch without your ongoing vigilance.
Beyond Flooring
Marble has other popular uses beyond flooring and makes exceptionally good countertops for vanities and in kitchens. With the latter, it has a huge advantage in that it's hard, polished surface discourages any kind of bacteria – and is immensely easy to clean properly. The downside is its propensity to scratch; cutting should be done on a board.
Marble does require care and maintenance, but its pluses far outweigh its negatives. With the right dealer on your side, you can set yourself up for a lifetime of enjoyment.